Become a dealer

Join our team

We are looking for people with a passion for farming, livestock, and a high-forage animal diet, a motivated salesperson who enjoys spending time with and educating your customers. If this describes you, we want you on our team!

At the core of our sales philosophy is “educational marketing and consultative selling,” not just a sales pitch. We believe that providing accurate information to help the customer turn our seeds into a productive crop is just as important as making the sale, and the essence of earning customer loyalty.

Two men standing in a field talking

Benefits of becoming a dealer

When you join the Southeast AgriSeeds dealer network you share in our established and growing reputation as a leader in high-quality forage and cover crop seed genetics. We currently serve the Southeast region and are looking for better coverage within the region. We strive to provide each dealer with an adequate sales territory to maintain a thriving dealership. As such, many regions are already well-covered, but there are still many underserved areas that will benefit from new dealers.

As part of our team, you will receive:

  • A knowledgeable sales team, office and warehouse staff that are committed to your success
  • Regular opportunities for business development and technical training
  • Up-to-date, relevant research data about product performance
  • Promotional literature, cost-share advertising and exhibiting opportunities
  • Customer referrals from our main office
  • Test and show plots for our products in your area
  • Access to specialty order products and custom mixes

What we expect of our dealers

We expect our dealers to represent the values and goals of Southeast AgriSeeds. Since education and consultation are an important part of our company, we ask that you learn all about our products and how to use them, so you can help the farmer reach his goal. This will help you provide effective and personalized service to all farms and promote the entire Southeast AgriSeeds product line.

As a Southeast AgriSeeds dealer, we ask that you:

  • Be professional and courteous toward your customer
  • Purchase a required minimum amount of seed annually for resale
  • Pay invoices in a timely manner
  • Respect current Southeast AgriSeeds dealer territories and relationships with current customers.