Typically used as a complement to grasses, brassicas are scavengers that degrade quickly. They use their tap roots to mine the soil for nutrients that would have otherwise been lost. These cool-season annuals are excellent for increasing diversity, addressing soil compaction, and suppressing the root-knot nematode. Most will winter kill with multiple days of temperatures in the teens, so timely fall planting is critical for maximizing growth.

  • Seed 2-3 lbs/ac as part of a mix or 6-8 lbs/ac as a straight stand
  • Wonderful for soil health and diversity
  • Grabs nutrients from deep in the soil



  • CCS 779

    The Cover Crop Radish CCS 779

    CCS 779 is an incredible tuber producing variety that addresses soil compaction and nutrient reclaiming. Perfect for cover crops or a single-graze system.

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  • Daikon radish

    Daikon radish

    The traditional, tuber type radish. Quick out of the ground and excellent at smothering fall emerging weeds.

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  • Barsica

    Barsica Rape

    Most likely to survive the winter. Fast maturing, excellent for an overwintering cover crop.

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  • Bayou Kale

    Bayou Kale

    A versatile variety that performs well in the summer heat and the cold of the winter.

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