Closeup of annual ryegrass plants

Annual Ryegrass

Described as the King of Annuals, this forage produces tremendous yields mid-spring through early summer. A high sugar crop, it is excellent for putting gain on livestock who may have lost condition over the winter. Annual ryegrass can be broadcast or drilled, tolerates traffic, and is excellent for grazing, baleage, or dry hay. Although it has inconsistent fall growth, it produces an incredible amount of root mass in a limited timeframe, contributing greatly to soil organic matter production, and it tolerates wet feet better than most winter annuals.

  • Credence in April


    A medium maturity, tetraploid variety with excellent rust resistance.

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  • lowboy


    LowBoy is a low-growing variety ideal for low biomass cover crops and overseeding lawns.

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  • McKinley


    McKinley is a newer, diploid variety with a strong genetic background.

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  • Rapido


    A new, early maturing ryegrass that yields earlier in the spring and reduces competition with warm-season grasses.

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  • Striker


    Striker is an improved medium-late tetraploid with a focus on high forage yield balanced with high seed yield.

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  • Baqueano tetraploid annual ryegrass in a field.


    A late maturing, tetraploid variety of ryegrass with impressive performance in University trials.

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  • Photo coming soon


    An annual ryegrass ideal for overseeding lawns and erosion control areas.

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  • Photo coming soon


    An old diploid variety with good yield.

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  • Andes Tetraploid Ryegrass


    Andes is a tetraploid annual ryegrass developed from DLF’s very successful variety Abundant. It is a winter-hardy variety with high yield and quality.

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  • Koga Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass


    Extremely late maturing tetraploid.

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