Closeup of annual ryegrass plants

Annual Ryegrass

Described as the King of Annuals, this forage produces tremendous yields mid-spring through early summer. A high sugar crop, it is excellent for putting gain on livestock who may have lost condition over the winter. It also produces an incredible amount of root mass in a limited timeframe, contributing greatly to soil organic matter production.

  • Can be broadcasted or drilled
  • Excellent for grazing, baleage or dry hay
  • Inconsistent fall growth
  • Tolerates traffic well
  • Tolerates wet feet better than most winter annuals
  • Credence in April


    A medium maturity, tetraploid variety with excellent rust resistance.

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  • McKinley


    McKinley is a newer, diploid variety with a strong genetic background.

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  • Striker


    Striker is an improved medium-late tetraploid with a focus on high forage yield balanced with high seed yield.

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  • Jumbo


    Jumbo is a tetraploid variety that has shown strong cold tolerance.

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  • lowboy


    LowBoy is a low-growing variety ideal for low biomass cover crops and overseeding lawns.

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  • Rapido


    A new, early maturing ryegrass that yields earlier in the spring and reduces competition with warm-season grasses.

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