Meroa Italian Ryegrass

Italian Ryegrass

Italian ryegrass differs from annual ryegrass in its timing of maturity. Italian ryegrass is a biennial in most regions but here in the Southeast, it acts as a very late-maturing annual crop—excellent for grazing, baleage, or dry hay. Due to maturity timing, it is a better option for dry hay than most annual ryegrass varieties. It has inconsistent fall growth and tolerates wet feet better than most winter annuals.

  • Meroa


    Capture quality for longer! Meroa is a tetraploid Italian variety that heads out up to one month after traditional annual ryegrass varieties.

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  • Crusader


    Crusader is a late maturing, Italian ryegrass. It has high tiller density, excellent heat tolerance and extraordinary regrowth. This translates to dense, fast growing, high quality grazing and hay production. In mild climates, fall planted Crusader will grow through the winter and continue into spring for extended grazing and silage production. An over seeding of Crusader into irrigated pasture is a simple, cost effective and valuable solution to maintaining feed quality.

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