Spring Oats

Spring Oats

A unique species that grows very quickly after planting and is typically ready for grazing after 45-55 days or for hay in 65-70 days. Plant spring oats in the fall (Sept-Oct) or late winter (Feb-Mar). Fall planted oats provide forage at a time where we need it most, late fall and early winter. Winter kill is an issue if temperatures reach the teens for several days. Spring oats can also be planted in late winter for quick spring grazing, baleage production, and even dry hay. Consider planting spring oats with a cold-tolerant annual to ensure ground cover.

  • Good “emergency” forage (late winter planting) OR the quickest fall forage (fall planting)
  • Root-knot nematode suppression
  • Tolerates wet areas more than most winter annuals
  • High yield and quality
  • Everleaf

    Everleaf 126

    Everleaf 126 is the latest maturing spring oat variety. It has the greatest chance at winter survival and highest potential for total season yield.

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  • A closeup image of Niagara sprint oats plant


    Niagara is a medium maturity variety with excellent rust resistance—excellent for a single, large harvest.

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  • A closup image of Reeves Oats plants


    Reeves is an early maturing, quick out of the gate variety with good rust resistance.

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  • Forage Maker

    Forage Maker 50

    Forage Maker 50 is a medium maturity variety with large leaves and a more upright growth habit.

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  • Canmore

    Canmore Common Oats

    Canmore is a medium maturity variety with good standability—a great choice for straw production.

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