Cows grazing orchardgrass


A sought-after grass known for it’s soft, highly palatable leaves, orchardgrass is suitable for horses, cattle, and small ruminants. It has good quality forage with heavy spring yield and moderate fall production but is less drought tolerant than fescue. It is an excellent option for short term hay rotations, diluting KY-31 fescue pastures and improving overall pasture productivity. Orchardgrass is likely to last 5-6 years before interseeding is necessary.

  • Very marketable hay
  • Great spring tonnage
  • Less drought tolerant than fescue
  • Endurance hay


    Our newest variety in the lineup, Endurance has good yields, cold tolerance, and disease resistance.

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  • olathe


    Olathe is known for its ability to handle heat stress. It's high yielding and mid-maturing.

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  • Orchard


    Our latest maturing variety in the lineup works well for those who need to diversify the timing of maturity of their fields. Good heat tolerance and disease resistance.

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  • persist


    Bred by the University of Tennessee, Persist is persistent and high yielding, in our humid climate and under harsh grazing pressure.

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