A field of white clover.

White Clover

The most grazing tolerant of the perennial legumes, white clover grows along the soil surface. Leafy production that doesn’t lignify in hot weather. There are two subsets of white clover: intermediate and ladino. Intermediate clover is more stolon dense and has high reseeding capacity. It also has smaller leaves compared to ladino, which is known for it’s taller, larger leaf production.

  • renovation


    An intermediate variety with excellent stolon development. Ideal for those tightly grazed pastures or fields that may be stockpiles.

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  • neches


    This large-leaf intermediate type variety has a long blooming period and high reseeding potential, even in warm-season perennial grass stands.

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  • regal


    A ladino type clover selected out of the UGA program under grazing pressure.

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  • barblanca


    A big, showy clover with great heat tolerance.

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