Sorghum sudan

ADV S 6520

AS 6520

An exciting new variety that is a brown mid rib (BMR) for higher digestibility and lower fiber along with photoperiod sensitivity. Pair those nutritional advantages with Aphix sugarcane aphid tolerance, and this is a variety to look out for. 

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AD F6520

AD F6520 presentation at Sorghum Frontiers Virtual Field Day.

Planting Instructions

Drill when soil temps reach 65 degrees and rising. Calibrate for best results. 

Seeding rate - Grazing15-25lbs/A
Seeding rate - Dry hay or haylage35-50lbs/A
Planting Depth (in)0.5-0.75"
Target Harvest Height2-5ft
Target Residual Height For Regrowth8-10"