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Grasses provide the bulk of the carbon to the cover crop. The fibrous roots also work to break up shallow soil compaction, hold existing nutrients, and aid in weed suppression.

  • Cereal rye and clovers

    Wrens Abruzzi Rye

    Arguably the most cold-tolerant of the small grains, cereal rye is a staple across the Southeast. Abruzzi is a higher-yielding variety in our Southeast region.

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  • Forage Maker

    Cosaque Black Oats

    An overwintering oat that has a wide leaf and dense crown, Cosaque has superb weed suppression. These oats also secrete nematode suppressing compounds.

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  • Triticale

    Gainer 154 Triticale

    Gainer 154 is an earlier maturing variety, great for those who need to graze/cut earlier or who need the crop to terminate quickly.

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  • Photo coming soon

    Elbon Rye

    A cover crop rye. Trusted variety in the south.

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  • Koga Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass


    Extremely late maturing tetraploid.

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