Ray's Crazy Fall Mix


Legumes (and species-specific bacteria) have the incredible ability to take nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it into a plant usable form. Reduce your nitrogen inputs long term by including a legume in your cover crop!

  • AU Merritt vs VNS vetch

    AU Merit Vetch

    Tolerates wet feet and late planting best of the winter annual legumes, but is also the latest maturing of the legumes. AU Merit matures about two weeks earlier than VNS vetch.

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  • Close up of Crimson Clover plant

    Crimson Clover

    Crimson clover is the earliest maturing of the legumes, so it has the best nitrogen-fixing potential for early terminated cover crops.

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  • Keystone

    Keystone Winter Pea

    An exciting new cold tolerant variety with a white flower and tremendous spring growth.

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  • arrow

    Zulu Arrowleaf

    An incredibly drought-tolerant species that does not tolerate wet feet or low pH soils.

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