Hairy Vetch

AU Merit Vetch

AU Merritt vs VNS vetch
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Tolerates wet feet and late planting best of the winter annual legumes, but is also the latest maturing. A bit of a “sleeper” species in that you don’t see much in the fall or early winter, but takes off in the mid to late spring. Can reseed itself, so be cautious in cover crop scenarios where small grain production is part of the rotation. 

  • Highest nitrogen fixation potential
  • Terminate or harvest before flowering to prevent reseeding
  • Matures earlier than most vetch varieties, so that nitrogen is available more quickly

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Planting Instructions

Can be drilled or broadcasted. Calibrate the drill or spreader to ensure accurate seeding rates. If broadcasted, use dragging or light incorporation to ensure seed to soil contact. Planting in the fall is ideal, but it can tolerate planting in the early winter.  

Seeding rate (In a mix)10-15 lbs/A
Seeding rate (Straight stand)25-35 lbs/A
Planting depth (in)0.25-0.75"