Diversity is in. Build the soil and hedge your bets against nature.

  • A plot showing Ray's Crazy Summer Mix

    Ray's Crazy Summer

    This ultra-diverse mix is a huge carbon producer, nitrogen booster, and weed beater. The ultimate summer mix for diversity—designed with the principles of soil health in mind: keep the soil covered, undisturbed, continuously have a living root, integrate livestock, and have plant diversity.

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  • solar

    Summer Solar

    This warm-season cover crop mixture is designed to build organic matter, attract pollinators, increase nitrogen in the soil, and suppress weeds.

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  • Summer Breeze

    Summer Breeze

    A simple mixture designed to get livestock off of toxic fescue in the summer and provide adequate digestibility and protein.

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  • TRaptor

    Summer Feast

    A simple, but perfectly balanced mixture of millet and a brassica.

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  • Mix of crabgrass, bermuda, buckwheat, browntop millet and annual lespedeza

    Warm Diversity Mix

    A 'catch all' mix with crabgrass, bermuda, buckwheat, browntop millet, and annual lespedeza.

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  • Goats grazing on sunflowers

    SE Crazy 23 Mix

    Cowpeas, Soybeans, Sorghum Sudan, Millet, and Brassicas. (Ray's Crazy Substitute)

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