Diversity is in. Build the soil and hedge your bets against nature.

  • A plot showing Ray's Crazy Summer Mix

    Ray's Crazy Summer

    This is a versatile warm-season mix made up of a diverse variety of stress-tolerant summer annuals—cowpea, sorghum-sudans, pearl millet, radish, forage brassica and sunflower—that can be used a short-term cover crop, a soil-building transition crop to renovate depleted soils, a smother crop, a grazing mix, and a wildlife food plot.

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  • solar

    Summer Solar

    A diverse legume-forb cover crop mix of aggressively growing summer annuals, with possible dual use as a wildlife food plot.

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  • Summer Breeze

    Summer Breeze

    Summer Breeze is sure to make your livestock feel fine! This mix of BMR sorghum sudans and cowpeas offers forage that is higher quality than warm-season perennials and can offer livestock a break from the hot, endophyte-infected KY-31 fescue.

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  • TRaptor

    Summer Feast

    A high energy summer grazing, cover crop, or wildlife food plot mixture.

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  • Mix of crabgrass, bermuda, buckwheat, browntop millet and annual lespedeza

    Warm Diversity Mix

    A 'catch all' mix with crabgrass, bermuda, buckwheat, browntop millet, and annual lespedeza.

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