Summer Solar


A diverse legume-forb cover crop mix of aggressively growing summer annuals, with possible dual use as a wildlife food plot. The mix includes four very different components—buckwheat, cowpeas, sunflower, and sunn hemp. These species work together to perform several functions during their brief growth period:

  • Nitrogen fixation and recycling
  • Organic phosphorus liberation and recycling
  • Soil organic matter building/carbon sequestration
  • Other nutrient cycling and soil health building
  •  Summer pollinator and beneficial insect attraction
  • Summer weed smother crop
  • Disease and nematode break crop

*Formula is subject to change based on product availability

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Planting Instructions

Due to the size of the seeds, it is recommended to drill this mix. Calibrate the drill for best results.

Seeding rate35-60 lbs/A
Planting depth (in)0.5-0.75"
Soil TemperatureLate spring to early summer, when soil temp. is 65­°F and rising,


  • We used this mix on a new area we were turning into a garden that was just grass before.

    We tilled the area and formed beds and then planted some radish before this. Our compaction depth, we use a compaction reader, in this area was only 2". After our harvest we used this mix and let it grow to just flowering stage. We crimped it down and put a tarp over it for about 3 weeks. Raked the dried debris from the rows we had formed before seeding to use as mulch in aisles and the soil came out with a 6" depth before we hit compaction. Soil crumb was amazing after just one cropping. It also was beautiful while growing and visitors to our farm loved it.

    Katie VanClieaf Gurley, Alabama | 06/2021