Winfred Rape

Winfred 59 days after planting

A bulbless turnip and rapeseed cross, Winfred Hybrid is a high yielding and grazing tolerant variety with deep taproots. It is the most traffic tolerant variety in the lineup. Seed lighter, 1-2 lbs/ac in a mix due to seed size.

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Planting Instructions

Can be drilled or broadcasted. Drill shallow (surface to 0.25”) to ensure emergence and keep residue to a minimum if broadcasting, drag seed in for better seed to soil contact.

Seeding Rate - In a Mix1-3 lbs/ac
Seeding Rate - Straight Stand4-6 lbs/ac
Planting Depthsurface to 0.25"
Target Harvest Height8-15" for grazing
Target Residual Height For Regrowth3-4"


  • First pick Winfred.

    Paige Smart North Carolina