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As a hybrid cross between wheat and cereal rye, this small grain brings together the positive aspects of both. The leafy, high tillering nature of wheat is paired with the greater yield and cold tolerance of cereal rye. Matures between 8-14 days later than cereal rye, keeping that window of quality forage open wider. It is recommended for grazing and baleage, not for dry hay — an excellent base for cover crops or straw potential.

  • Cereal rye establishes quickly and grows through the colder season, but degrades slowly during the summer, providing an excellent weed mat as a cover crop.
  • Cereal rye is more productive in harsher conditions than most other small grains
  • Gainer

    Gainer 154

    Gainer 154 is an earlier maturing variety. Great for those who need to graze/cut early or quick termination.

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  • A close-up image of TriCal 815

    TriCal 815i

    TriCal 815i is a blend of two triticales with different maturities, with one acting as an indicator that it's time to harvest!

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