Surge Triticale


This high sugar variety is facultative, meaning that it does not need to go through a cold period to be productive. Thinner bladed than what you may see from 815i, but with a longer window of production. 

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Planting Instructions

Drill at 0.5-0.75” depth. Calibrate your drill to ensure an accurate rate. Broadcasting without incorporation is not recommended due to seed size.

Seeding rate- Cover Crop50-100lbs/A
Seeding rate- Grazed100-150lbs/A
Planting Depth0.5-0.75"
Target Harvest Height8-15" for grazing
Target Residual Height For Regrowth2.5-3"


  • Surge

    "This surge is incredible. We are grazing it for the 5th time (Mar 15) and have no seed heads."


    Sam Dobson Olin NC | March 2020