Non-Legume Mixture

Double Play

Double Play

An excellent strategy for full-season forage production, this mix capitalizes on the vastly different growth periods of three winter annual grasses: spring oats, triticale, and annual ryegrass. Maximize grazing days with Double Play! Ideal for grazing or baleage, not recommended for dry hay.

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Mixture Components

Spring Oats

Spring oats jump quickly out of the gate and with adequate moisture and will be ready to graze in 45-55 days. They may winter kill if temperatures stay in the teens for several days.


A cold-tolerant small grain with a wide leaf that grows in cooler weather, providing forage in mid-winter.


Ryegrass produces a massive fibrous root system, tolerates traffic and provides quality yield in mid-spring through early summer.

Planting Instructions

Drill at 0.5-0.75” depth. Calibrate your drill to ensure you have an accurate rate. Broadcasting is not recommended due to the size of the triticale and spring oat seed.

Seeding Rate - Drilled75-120 lbs/ac
Planting Depth0.5-0.75"
Target Harvest Height8-15" grazing or 15-25" chop
Target Residual Height For Regrowth3-6"


  • That double play is the cat’s meow.

    Jim Smith Pittsboro, NC