Tonic Plantain

Tonic plantain

An improved, productive variety of plantain. Dense in minerals, very palatable and full of digestible energy. Not the most cold-tolerant forage, but stays vegetative for most of the year. Should be seeded in the fall into grazed or mowed pasture to increase seed to soil contact.

  • High in protein, low in fiber
  • Stays vegetative
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Planting Instructions

Broadcast in the fall. Drag or find some way to incorporate seed after broadcasting. Can also be drilled. Minimize residue or grass competition to allow it to establish.

Seeding Rate - Interseeded1 lbs/ac
Seeding Rate - Straight Stand4 lbs/ac
Planting Depthsurface to 0.25"
Target Harvest Height8-10" for grazing
Target Residual Height For Regrowth2.5-3"