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With balanced energy and protein, this high-end mixture of grasses and legumes is designed specifically to provide livestock the nutrition they need to maintain, gain and produce in the challenging climate of the southeast. From it’s base of Novel Endophyte Fescue to its complementary blend of clovers, this mixture has the best interest of your herd in mind!

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Planting Instructions

Drill at surfact to 0.25” depth. Calibrate your drill to ensure an accurate rate. Broadcast into a firm seedbed. Cultipacking before and after seeding is a must. Can be no tilled or seeded conventionally.

Seeding Rate - Drilled25- 30 lbs/ac
Planting DepthSurface-0.25"
Target HarvestPre-head emergence for high quality.


  • Balancer

    I'm amazed at the clover specifically in this mix. It is uniform throughout the field. It's the only thing I was worried about, but it came in great. The orchardgrass and fescue is there also. I cut one cut this spring and cut it high to protect the new grasses-specifically with orchardgrass in mind. The mix looks good and I get a lot of questions about it from people passing by. If I were re-doing any pasture or hay ground, Balancer Mix is what I would use.

    Larry Spruill Heard County, GA | June 2020