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Both sorghum sudan and sudangrass handles drought very well. However, sudangrass has a finer stalk, more aggressively tillers, and has a more favorable leaf:stem ratio. It is arguably the most flexible summer annual crop because of it's good performance as dry hay, haylage and baleage, as well as grazing. It is quick to establish and has the most aggressive regrowth in the summer annual lineup. Drill once soil temperatures reach 65 degrees and rising. 

  • Drought tolerant
  • Finer stemmed and better regrowth than sorghum sudan
  • Suited for production of dry hay, wet hay, and grazing




  • sudangrass

    AS 9301 Sudangrass

    A powerful hybrid with strong disease resistance and drought tolerance. Quick growth, first harvest possible within 45 days.

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  • as9302

    AS 9302 Sudangrass

    Similar agronomic strengths to AS 9301, but with a dwarf characteristic that makes this hybrid more forgiving of low harvest heights.

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