Summer Feast


A high energy summer grazing, cover crop, or wildlife food plot mixture. Millet balances out the rich brassica with effective fiber, which slows rate of passage through the rumen. The two species provide a multi-level and more diverse warm weather forage, and the different growing habits complement each other well. Both species can uptake and use nitrogen quite well. This mix can be a good way to renovate a pasture. As with a straight stand of millet, there is no threat of prussic acid.

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Planting Instructions

Can be drilled shallow OR broadcasted and incorporated. Keep shallow and calibrate for best success. Plant into moisture due to seed size.

Wait until millet is at least 18 inches before grazing, and leave 4-6” of stubble for best regrowth.

Seeding rate10-20 lbs/A (large box)
Planting depth (in)0.5-0.75"
Soil pH6.0-6.5
Soil Temperature65°F and rising
Target Harvest Height2-5 ft
Target Residual Height For Regrowth4-6"