Pensacola Bahiagrass


This variety of bahiagrass greens up earlier than TifQuick, but plays out more quickly in the fall. Yields 10-15% less than TifQuick. Mature bahiagrass can be very unpalatable to livestock, so begin grazing when the plant in younger (6-8") so it is more nutritious and palatable. This is one of the most traffic tolerant forages once established. While bahiagrass can survive with limited nutrients, it does respond positively to fertility. 

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Planting Instructions

Bahiagrass is very slow to establish in the first year. The earlier you can plant, the better it will establish. Broadcast and culitpack/drag OR drill very shallow. 

Seeding rate12-15 lbs/ac
Planting depth (in)Soil surface to 0.25"
Target harvest height6-8"
Target residual height for regrowth2"