A reliable, high yielding forage that performs best in well-drained soils. To really perform, it requires heavy nitrogen and potassium fertility. It will go dormant after a killing frost, which makes it dependable for overseeding winter annuals to extend the grazing season. Utilizing winter annuals that grow well into the spring, like ryegrass, will delay Bermuda spring growth back several weeks.

  • Chilly Verde

    Chilly Verde Bermudagrass

    Chilly Verde was made for the south! It has improved cold tolerance, rapid establishment, and excellent heat tolerance.

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  • Gaucho/Mojo

    Gaucho Bermudagrass

    Seeded bermudagrass that actually works!! Gaucho is a customized forage bermudagrass blend bred for early spring green-up, cold tolerance, and superior quality.

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  • Grit Logo

    Grit Bermudagrass

    With quick establishment and early production, Grit will bring added profitability to your acres.

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