111-117 day hybrids

Field of corn and tractor

Long season hybrids that provide digestible grains and high sugar content. Both KingFisher and Master's Choice brands.

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Hybrid Descriptions

KF 61C40: Strong standability and stay green, moderate ear placement, natural corn borer tolerance, excellent Goss’s Wilt tolerance

KF 63C10: High silage producer, both quantity and quality, good ear length and flex, deep kernels, excellent disease package (Goss’s and GLS), drought and heat tolerant

KF 67C20: Consistent high yields, excellent agronomics, excellent disease ratings, broadly adapted regions

MC 6150: First-rate nutrition package, high yielding in both grain and silage. Very good combination of agronomics, plant health, and visual appeal.

MC 6360: Great yielding hybrid for grain or silage, very digestible grain. An excellent root package contributes to enhanced stress tolerance.

MC 6580: Wide area of adaptation, especially in the deep south. Maintains yield and stature in the most stressed environments.

MC 590: Robust, high sugar with great tonnage and grain yield. Large root system aids heat and drought tolerance. Widely adapted hybrid.

MC 6730: Excellent stay green and health package. True full-season hybrid with premium feeding quality.

MC 6750: Top of the line plant health, agronomics, and stress tolerance. Great fiber characteristics, adaptability, and overall performance.

Planting Instructions

Begin planting when soil temps reach 55 and rising. Adjust plant population based on soil type.

Seeding rate22-36K seeds per acre
Planting depth (in)1.5-2.5"
Target harvest timing50% milk line for silage OR 14-18% moisture for dry grain


  • This corn is 12 ft tall and thick. I had to slow the chopper to 1 mph just to get through it. (Planted 65C00 and 67C20)

    Andrew Johnson Pelham, GA