Heritage Mixture


Not your average contractor's mix! This mix features LowBoy annual ryegrass, cereal rye, and our SE Ag Turf Fescue blend. The LowBoy and cereal rye offer quick germination to hold the soil and fescue seeds in place. The LowBoy ryegrass stays relatively short, which means no thick mess of vegetation to smother out the slower to establish perennial plants. The perennial is a blend of three different turf type fescues chosen for drought tolerance, rich green color, and stand density. This fescue blend is a clear option for lawns, roadsides, and erosion prevention projects.

  • Annuals included for quick establishment
  • Low growing ryegrass does not outcompete the perennials
  • Rich, dense fescue plants are long-lasting in the droughty weather
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Planting Instructions

Plant in fall or early spring. Can be broadcasted and watered in or drilled shallow.

Seeding Rate100-400 lbs/ac
Planting DepthSoil surface to 0.25"