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  • Grazing cows

    Late Fall Alfalfa and Pasture Q & A

    Genevieve Slocum and David Hunsberger, King’s AgriSeeds

    Questions from readers of; Answers from Genevieve Slocum and David Hunsberger, King’s AgriSeeds

  • Cattle grazing on ryegrass and oats

    Spring Oats, the Missing Piece

    Paige Smart, Southeast AgriSeeds

    A great challenge in cattle operations is needing forage…fast. In Bermudagrass based systems, the lack of growth between when Bermuda growth slows and cereal rye or ryegrass growth begins is an incredible challenge. A similar issue is found in fescue based systems- fall growth of fescue slows or nearly stops once the day length shortens and…

  • Hay bales in a field

    What’s the best time of day to make hay?

    Joy Beam, King’s AgriSeeds

    The best time of day to cut hay is a balancing act between maximizing the nutritional quality and store-ability of the bales. During the day, the plant undergoes the process of photosynthesis, or production of carbohydrates- what we know better as ‘sugars’. However, these sugars are produced at a rate faster than the rate at which they are used,…

  • Mixture of grass and clover

    How do I know when to graze a mix?

    Tim Fritz, King’s AgriSeeds

    Mixtures bring yield stability to a forage field as each species and variety has its own strengths and weaknesses.  These factors include: soil adaption, climate adaptation, disease resistance, harvest timing, yield distribution over the seasons, nutrient needs and contributions to soil health, and of course nutrition and fiber for the livestock…