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  • Planning Warm Season Planting Liliane Silva, Forages Specialist, Clemson University

    Warm-season annual forages are fast-growing, high-quality forages that can supplement production and quality to support animal performance. In the Southeast, they are planted from April through June and can be used under baleage or greenchop production, or grazing management.

  • Cool Season Forages Management Liliane Silva, Forages Specialist, Clemson University

    In this blog post, Liliane Silva, Forage Specialist at Clemson University, outlines the steps for cool season forage management.

  • It's time to plan your fall forage planting Liliane Silva, Forages Specialist, Clemson University

    In the Southeast region, most livestock operations are based on perennial warm-season grasses. Due to the seasonality of production, there is a need to provide supplemental feed for livestock during the fall and winter months which can be achieved by stockpiling forages, feeding hay or non-forage feedstuff, or planting cool-season annuals. Annual…

  • Much to do about KY-31 Fescue Paige Smart

    You've decided KY-31 fescue is stealing from you, but what are your action items? How can we fix this?

  • Tall Fescue

    Tall Fescue is popular as a cultivated pasture grass because of its relative ease of establishment, drought and grazing tolerance, and long grazing season compared with other cool season grasses.

  • Warm Season Annuals

    When managed properly, summer annuals can produce substantial, high quality forage in the span of 90-120 days. This is often harvested in 1-4 substantial cuts or grazings of high energy forage. Time to first harvest for multicut annuals is generally 45-60 days, depending on weather conditions.

  • Staging Winter Annuals Paige Smart

    Winter annuals don’t make sense for every operation, but there is a large percentage of us who should be utilizing them to reduce our hay feeding bill and to increase the quality of forage our animals are grazing during the winter.

  • Summer Annual Success Paige Smart, Southeast AgriSeeds

    Watch a YouTube video about summer annuals and their importance on livestock farms.

  • When the Rain Stops… Anonymous

    At some point, there will be a lapse in the rain and we can all get in the fields and get to the farm work that has been stacking up. Of this long list, there are a few items that are critical for summer annual forage management.