A field showing a legume mixture.

Legume Mixtures

Mixtures that contain legumes. Want to reduce your nitrogen bill while increasing pasture crude protein and palatability? This is it. 

  • A cool season mixture of annual ryegrass, crimson clover and more.

    Southern Broadcaster

    This small-seeded mixture contains only species that broadcast well and is ideal for the equipment or topography limited farmer.

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  • Field showing legumes, brassicas, clover, vetch, annual ryegrass and triticale growing.

    Soil Builder Plus

    The name says it all! Provide forage and build the soil with this diverse mixture of triticale, annual ryegrass, crimson clover, vetch, and daikon radish.

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  • Cows grazing Ray's Crazy Fall Mix

    Ray’s Crazy Fall Mix

    The ultimate winter mix for diversity—designed with the principles of soil health in mind.

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