A field showing a legume mixture.

Legume Mixtures

Mixtures that contain legumes. Want to reduce your nitrogen bill while increasing pasture crude protein and palatability? This is it.

  • Cows grazing Ray's Crazy Fall Mix

    Ray’s Crazy Fall Mix

    A versatile cool season mix made up of grasses, legumes, and brassicas that can be used a short-term cover crop, a soil-building transition crop to renovate depleted soils, a grazing mix, and a wildlife food plot.

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  • Field showing legumes, brassicas, clover, vetch, annual ryegrass and triticale growing.

    Soil Builder Plus

    A mix of Triticale, crimson clover, hairy vetch, Annual Ryegrass, and daikon radish. An excellent spring forage and/or overwintering cover crop. Can also be used for wildlife food plots.

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  • A cool season mixture of annual ryegrass, crimson clover and more.

    Southern Broadcaster

    This small-seeded mixture contains only species that broadcast well and is ideal for the equipment or topography limited farmer.

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  • MaizePro DT

    MaizePro DT

    Diverse cover to plant ahead of corn. TerraLife(TM) Program.

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  • BetaMaxx


    Unique mix for soil health improvement and pollinators.

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