Legume Mixture

Southern Broadcaster

A cool season mixture of annual ryegrass, crimson clover and more.

This small-seeded mixture contains only species that broadcast well and is ideal for the equipment or topography limited farmer: ryegrass, clover, and brassica. Excellent for grazing and baleage, but not recommended for dry hay. Seed in early fall for maximum benefit from the legumes and brassicas.

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Mixture Components


Produces a massive, fibrous root system, tolerates traffic and provides quality yield in spring through early summer.

Crimson clover

Fixes nitrogen and is high in crude protein in early to mid-spring.

Daikon radish

Fights soil compaction and mines for nutrients deep in the soil.

Forage turnip

A grazing tolerant, bulbous brassica that brings together the benefits of a taproot with better regrowth.

Planting Instructions

While broadcasting is recommended, the seeds still need contact with the soil. Remove as much of the previous crop residue as possible. Consider dragging before (to remove residue) and after seeding.

Seeding Rate - Broadcasted25-30 lbs/ac
Planting Depthsurface to 0.25"
Target Harvest Height8-15" grazing or 15-25" chop
Target Harvest Height For Regrowth3-6"


  • Broadcaster looks great. Turnips above the knees.

    Paul Chaffin - C4 Farm Rome, GA