Grass Maxx

Close up of grass maxx mixture

Grass Maxx is an all grass mix that combines the yield and aggressiveness of Martin II Protek with the elevated nutrition of orchardgrasses. Grass Maxx provides the diversity you need in a hayfield or pasture while giving you the option of broadleaf weed control during the establishment year. After establishment, frost-seeding a clover or clover blend into the stand in late winter can be a great option to thicken it and boost protein.

  • High yielding Martin 2 Protek novel endophyte fescue
  • Orchardgrasses time-tested in the south
  • Tough, deep south genetics
  • Great for hay or grazing
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Planting Instructions

Drill at 0.25” depth. Calibrate your drill to ensure an accurate rate. Broadcast into a firm seedbed. Cultipacking before and after seeding is a must.

Seeding Rate - Drilled20-30 lbs/ac
Seeding Rate - Broadcasted25-35 lbs/ac
Planting Depth0.25"
Target Harvest HeightPre-head emergence for high quality.
Target Residual Height For Regrowth4-6"