Prime 360

Prime 360

This BMR millet is a dwarf variety, but tends to get a bit taller than Prime 180. The dwarf characteristic increases leaf to stem ratio, decreasing fiber and increasing energy in every bite. Strong regrowth and tillering capacity. 

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Planting Instructions

This small seed should be broadcasted or drilled very shallow. Seed only when moisture is immediately available, shallow plantings are more susceptible to immediate temperature and moisture changes. Calibrate the spreader or drill for best results. If broadcasting, ensure that there is little residue in the way of the seed getting contact with the soil. 

Seeding rate - Grazing15-25lbs/A
Seeding rate - Dry hay35-50lbs/A
Planting depth (in)Soil surface to 0.25"
Target harvest height2-5ft
Target residual height for regrowth8-10"


  • The Prime 360 is so thick it's unbelievable. The plants are thick and massive. Really impressive variety.

    Andrew Johnson Pelham, GA
  • Prime 360 planted 3.5 weeks ago. We applied 60-0-60 10 days ago and then got 1.8” of rain. I love this stuff!

    Scott Sell Edisto, SC