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  • Corn field

    When is Corn Alternative Forage?


    “Corn” “Diversity” and even “innovative cropping systems” usually don’t go together in the same sentence. When used in a stockpiled winter grazing system, it turns out they occasionally can.

  • Seeds

    Illegally Bagged Seed: More Pain than Gain

    From American Agriculturist, May 10, 2017

    Buying cheaper seed isn’t worth the aggravation that follows — especially if it’s illegal. That’s why state ag secretaries and commissioners warn against buying and selling “brown bag” seed almost every spring. If it’s not tested for purity and germination and doesn’t carry your state’s label, it’s illegal. If it’s distributed by a seedsman not…

  • Pasture with trees

    Seeing the Pasture for the Trees


    Shaded pastures are among the more challenging conditions faced by anyone trying to establish a productive pasture. This scenario varies but often involves a grazier who wants to set up a very intentional form of silvopasture, managing both trees and forage to balance the productivity of both. To be clear, there is no forage crop you can grow…

  • Map from the NRCS showing soil temperature.

    When Soil Temperature Spells Success

    Paige Smart, Southeast AgriSeeds

    Spring is my favorite season. After a long, gray winter there’s nothing more exciting than seeing the world a little greener. However, my eagerness for warmer temperatures always gets me in trouble. I’ll start leaving the house without a jacket and shopping for my summer plants. My confidence in Mother Nature is usually misplaced, and I’ll end up…