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  • Tractor in a field

    Waging War Against Slugs in 2018

    Joy Beam, King’s AgriSeeds

    Following the slug-infested spring of 2017, many growers are worried we will have the same problem in 2018, and for good reason.  We haven’t had a cold enough winter in several years to kill the adult slugs from the previous year, and the effectiveness of slug controls, such as Deadline or spraying salt concentrated solutions, is controversial. …

  • Soil testing tools

    Managing Your Fields in the “Off” Season

    Joy Beam, King’s AgriSeeds

    Regular soil testing followed by liming and fertilizing according to recommendations is arguably the one management practice that will have the greatest long-term effect on production per acre.  It should be the first dollar spent when striving to maximize your land’s productivity, help your crops reach their potential, and optimize the cost-…

  • Grazing cows

    Late Fall Alfalfa and Pasture Q & A

    Genevieve Slocum and David Hunsberger, King’s AgriSeeds

    Questions from readers of; Answers from Genevieve Slocum and David Hunsberger, King’s AgriSeeds

  • Cattle grazing on ryegrass and oats

    Spring Oats, the Missing Piece

    Paige Smart, Southeast AgriSeeds

    A great challenge in cattle operations is needing forage…fast. In Bermudagrass based systems, the lack of growth between when Bermuda growth slows and cereal rye or ryegrass growth begins is an incredible challenge. A similar issue is found in fescue based systems- fall growth of fescue slows or nearly stops once the day length shortens and…