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  • Mike with soil samples

    How much nitrogen do we REALLY need for fescue?

    Dr. Alan Franzluebbers

    Question everything you know about nitrogen fertility! Dr. Alan Franzluebbers walks us through his recent research exploring a financially significant question: how much nitrogen does our stockpiled fescue really need?

  • cajun ii

    Much to do about KY-31 Fescue

    Paige Smart

    You've decided KY-31 fescue is stealing from you, but what are your action items? How can we fix this?

  • Heat stress due to fescue toxicosis

    Take off your fescue goggles.

    Paige Smart and Josh Baker

    Josh and Paige recount their experiences with KY-31 fescue toxicosis and explain why they won't give it grace anymore.

  • Polywire

    Stop Spinning Tires

    Paige Smart

    I love diversity. I love polywire, strip grazing, and red clover. Ray’s Crazy Mix was my introduction to the idea of diversified forages and renovating the soil. I’ve seen what a difference can be made to forage quality by selecting a brown mid rib variety or using a photoperiod sensitive sorghum sudan. I don’t want to take anything away from the…