Mojo Crabgrass

Field of crabgrass

Coated with a Yellow Jacket seed coating to improve seedling vigor and aid in dispersal. The Red River is an earlier maturing variety that will kick the season off, while the Impact is about 2 weeks later maturing and will fill in later in the season. 

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Planting Instructions

Broadcast and drag OR drill shallow. Best seeded in early spring into moist soils. Seed to soil contact is critical. If broadcasting, you can mix pelletized lime or fertilizer to bulk up the mix and make the low seeding rate easier to accomplish. If seeding into existing grasses, minimize the competition prior to planting. 

Seeding rate5-8lbs/A
Seeding depth (in)Soil surface to 0.25"
Target harvest height8-15"
Target residual height for regrowth3"


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