SE Red River Crabgrass

Closeup of crabgrass plant

Red River is an improved crabgrass that thrives during the hot, dry months. Best known for its ability to spread and regrow after grazing, this prolific reseeder was one of the first forage type crabgrass varieties developed.

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High Quality, Adaptable Forage

Crabgrass is a high quality, high yielding summer annual forage that is excellent for grazing and haying. This variety of crabgrass produces a highly digestible forage and high crude protein content. It's great for revitalizing summer pastures.

Areas of adaption extend from Nebraska, south and east to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

If allowed to go to seed at least once during its growing season, Red River will germinate as volunteer forage the following year.

Red River Forage Quality

NDFdup to 73%
Crude Protein Content - Early Season25-30%
Crude Protein Content - Mid-Summer15-20%
Crude Protein Content - Late Season10%
Field of crabgrass


Red River also works well broadcasted into pastures following winter small grain such as rye, triticale, oats, and ryegrass. When thinning fescue stands or trampled winter feeding areas become a concern, crabgrass can be broadcasted in these systems to improve summer grazing.

Planting Instructions

Broadcast and drag OR drill shallow. Best seeded in early spring into moist soils. Seed to soil contact is critical. If broadcasting, you can mix pelletized lime or fertilizer to bulk up the mix and make the low seeding rate easier to accomplish. If seeding into existing grasses, minimize the competition prior to planting. 

Seeding rate5-8lbs/A
Planting depth (in)Soil surface to 0.25"
Target harvest height8-15"
Target residual height for regrowth3"


  • Red river crabgrass

    The red river crabgrass is thriving right now in North Mississippi! Beyond pleased with the stand.

    Ken Waddell North Mississippi | July 2020
  • Richie Mojo

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”

    Richie Herman Statesville NC